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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Private Message

You know something, Rhino-ass? (you know who you are, too, and I know you will see this) When dozens of emergency vehicles are transiting a small town with virtually no population on the outskirts because a violent, unsolved murder has just taken place, expecting anyone to stop and pick up a stranger is absurd. Especially if the sheriff has asked everyone to avoid doing so, and to avoid driving through the area at all, if possible. Everything from rescue efforts to integrity of the crime scene could be compromised, and the sheriff was probably more concerned about public safety than picking up a whining rhinoceros who eats like a pig. I'd be scared to pick up a stranger, too, if someone had just gotten shot in front of my face. You need to leave everyone alone in circumstances like this.

If you want an easier train trip next time, try buying two tickets instead of just one. That way, both your ass and your face will fit where you sit. Avoid throwing trash everywhere, and leave everyone else's wallet alone.

The hairstyle looks better on this passenger, who also probably smells better than a certain whiney hitchhiker. All in all, a better seat mate, if one is travelling by train. By the way, I am sorry for your loss. 

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