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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You Meet Some Of Your Best Lovers In Church

Oh goody. A senator from Arizona, Sylvia Allen, stated, hopefully in sarcasm, that everyone should be ordered to attend a church on Sunday, in order to "restore morals" to America. Where, oh where, is the eye-rolley when I need it? Where?

Senator Allen feels that America is in a state of moral decay, and needs religion to "get back it's soul". Get it back? From when? The days when we used slave labor, and engaged in human trafficking in order to bring slaves here? Perhaps she would like some soul back from the days before there were any child labor laws, or before women were allowed to vote......maybe the morality involved in the denial of financial support to divorced women with children, or the morality of racism.

Perhaps racial and gender equality, combined with fair wages and decent schools, and the repeal of prohibition in favor of spending more dollars on the prosecution of violent crime, and equality and justice from the judicial system would be a start in helping this nation find a "soul" in the first place. Not that your blogger isn't grateful for the country she calls home, but lets be honest about whose souls have traditionally mattered in America, and whose souls have not.

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