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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Terri Horman And Cold Cases And Lies

So very interesting. Forty years after one of the most heinous crimes committed in Maryland, that of the kidnap and murder of Sheila and Katherine Lyon, ten and twelve year old Montgomery County girls, a man named Lloyd Lee Welch is charged with two counts of murder. This involves two states; Maryland and Virginia. After much evidence gathering and testimony from witnesses and potential witnesses, one man, so far, has been charged in this case. There is even a multi-state grand jury meeting at least once a month to go over evidence. Many Marylanders, who remember this case from 1975, doubted that it would ever be resolved.

What does this have to do with Terri Horman and her gang of merry scofflaws? She is the sometime step parent of another missing child, Kyron Horman. Kyron was seven years old when he was last seen leaving his school in Portland, Oregon with Terri Horman in June of 2010. This happened just as school commenced for the day, around 9:00 AM, and no one, least of all, Terri, reported him missing until after 3:00 PM. Days have stretched into weeks and months, which, in turn, have stretched into years...five years. There is also a grand jury that convenes for Kyron every once in a while, to review any new tips and go over existing evidence.

Terri Horman, her parents, and her friends and other et els do not appear to take the search and investigation for Kyron Horman very seriously. A few of them have been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury to answer questions about the case. Rather than assist in the investigation, they stall and assert fifth amendment rights, claiming that they will incriminate themselves if they answer simple questions about the day Kyron disappeared. A certain amount of misinformation has been deliberately generated by this crowd, too.

The case of the Lyon sisters, mentioned above, also involves people who covered for each other, over the years, and lied to the grand jury when it convened. A major difference, however; is that forty years went by prior to the culmination of the investigation and the charging of the individual thought to be primarily responsible for the disappearance and subsequent deaths of those two girls. Yet the truth is just as esteemed by investigators and the rest of the population as it was forty years ago; but this came as a surprise to those asked for the truth. They thought that because so many years had passed, no one would care about Sheila and Katherine Lyon anymore. They also thought that the passage of time somehow erased the need for accountability. So they went to court, when summoned by the grand jury, and lied their asses off. In December of last year, Patricia Welch was arrested after one such lie, and is due in court in October. Last week, her brother, Leslie Engleking, her grandchild, Amy Welch Johnson, and her husband's sister, Gladys Stangee, were also arrested for lying and attempting to hide the truth. Amy Welch Johnson was not even born in 1975, when the crime occurred, so the reader should be able to grasp the importance of the truth, here, during a criminal investigation. What does all this have to do with Terri Horman and her gang of merry scofflaws? They should study this case carefully, and take note of the precedent set by a multi-state grand jury of holding anyone who obstructs justice accountable. Because the Lyon sisters' case involves two different states, the precedent set reaches the federal level, and can be used in Oregon, as well. Virginia is now trying a criminal case for obstruction of justice against a person who was not even born when the crime under investigation was committed. This should send a very clear message to those who would cover for Terri Horman: the truth is important enough to lock up a liar, even after forty years. The truth is even important enough to lock up someone who wasn't yet born at the time of the crime, but knows about it, nonetheless. Are you paying attention, Terri Horman?

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