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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ben Fields Is Why Some Cops Are Called Pigs

The name of the pig in the video above is Ben Fields. He is not only a pig, but a football coach at Spring Valley High School, in South Carolina. The child in the video incurred his wrath because he was called on her for refusal to hand over her cell phone to the teacher. The teacher called the principal, who also asked for the cell phone, and she refused to give it to him, as well. And when she refused to leave the room, the cops were called. Could this have possibly been handled any other way?

First of all, why didn't the school call the girl's parents, rather than the police? Why didn't the teacher just wait until after class to talk to the principal about enforcing the rule against cell phones? When the police were called, why didn't the officer wait for backup when the girl refused to get out of her seat, so that she could be apprehended from her crime of sitting still without any violence? And while cell phones are not allowed in many schools, is it a policy infraction or a crime to take a cell phone to school? Does a rogue cell phone on the person of a student really require the expertise of Godzilla? After all, not all schools manage these problems the same way. In Marshall County Kansas, cell phones are allowed in public schools. Even when certain students take guns to school during hunting season, it is often permitted, and the complaints of concerned parents are ignored by law enforcement. Guns, in this case; not cell phones.

Speaking of cell phones, another child in the classroom at Spring Valley High School also had a cell phone, but had not been instructed to turn it over to the teacher, as had the child in the video. As a result, Officer Ben Fields found himself on candid camera. Fields should really have behaved when he saw that camera getting footage of his actions.

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