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In An Age Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act.......George Orwell

Monday, October 19, 2015

Nuts And Bolton's

Do you remember that female high school student you paid, several years ago, to help you sweep a misdeed under the rug? She clearly saw something that could have cost someone's career, and rightfully so. Well. there's something you overlooked. It is against the law, everywhere in the United States, to "buy" anyone's silence in criminal matters. Not only is that called "witness intimidation" and "obstruction of justice", but it is also known as "bribery".

You bought this person's silence when she was very young, and had no real understanding of her legal rights. You did a rather good job of brainwashing her, and frightening her. But you did not realize that she has a conscience: if any harm comes to someone else, as a result of her refusal to testify, she will never forgive herself. And for that, there is no such thing as enough hush money. By the way, she was also too young to legally be bound to any contract you coerced her to sign. Did you really think that she would never realize that?

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