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Friday, October 16, 2015

More Evidence In Missing Lyon Sisters Case

A couple of days ago,the FBI searched a home in Hyattsville, Maryland for the second time, in connection to the Sheila and Katherine Lyon, who disappeared in Maryland in 1975. The home that was searched was a home where Lloyd Lee Welch, a suspect in the case, once lived. Testimony and evidence for the Lyon sisters has pointed investigators to Virginia during the past couple of years. Lloyd Lee Welch is now behind bars in Virginia, awaiting trial for the murders of both Katherine and Sheila. His aunt, Patricia Jean Welch, is on the docket in Bedford County, Virginia for a trial in January, 2016 because she lied to the grand jury about evidence in this case.


Anonymous said...

Its May 2016. Although a post says Roy Welch is missing , and Thomas Welch Jr's wife died of cancer (see POI's web sleuths); there are no links such as NAMUS listings for Lloyd's half brother and any OBITS in Calvert County or News on Baynet -Consider the source which links to a blog.

I hope for progress in the case, and from your comments
I believe your site is concerned for the truth, for bringing justice to the Lyon Sisters Family.

Juli Henry said...

I looked for an obit for Stacey as well. I was very sad to hear about it. Perhaps the obit is still being written.

As for Roy, I am not sure why there is no official information about him. Even if there were more information, I am not sure what posters on Websleuths think it has to do with the Lyon sisters. Yes, I am concerned for the truth; this has been unsolved for way too long!