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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Kansas School And Guns

Above is a picture of a toy similar to the toy over which Dean Dalinghaus, principal of Frankfort High School in Frankfort, Kansas, once attempted to expel an autistic fourth grader. We suspect that Dalinghaus simply has it in for children with disabilities. 

Below is a gun, similar to the one an adult senior at the same school took to school one day. That student is not autistic. He did not get expelled, and was allowed back inside the building. He was even allowed to graduate, seven weeks later, with his class. 


Anonymous said...

OMG that's a fake gun and nothing is true on here wtf get a life

Juli Henry said...

Are you saying that my picture is a fake gun? Or are you saying that Casey Farrant took a fake gun to school, just for fun? As an adult student? While already on probation AND out on bond, to boot? While he knew better? Or are you surprised that police stations generally do not let the general public photograph evidence, such as confiscated weapons? (but then, weapons from Marshall County sometimes migrate as far as California after being confiscated as evidence!)

Everything I've written on here is true, and since I am from another part of the country and you obviously hail from around here, I think you can safely assume that YOU are the one without a life. Every time I, or anyone else with sense, sees a weapon at a USD 380 school, either in a vehicle or in a student's possession, it gets photographed on a cell phone and sent to the Department of Justice. Now that getting guns out of schools is a pet project of the President, USD 380 might gain some recognition!

Get a life, frankfurter! And once you do, keeping might be easier if kiddies stop taking guns to school.

Anonymous said...

Definition of a gun from the dictionary.
c : a device that throws a projectile
If I am not mistaken I believe that "toy crossbow" shoots a pencil at actually a pretty high rate of speed. I think it was rightfully labeled as a danger.

Juli Henry said...

Gun or not, it would certainly be a distraction. Since you identify it as a problem, would you also identify rifles, shotguns, and handguns as dangerous? How about students who thumb their noses at the law and take weapons to school? Especially students who, like Casey Farrant, have reached the age of majority, and are on probation in the ADULT court system, yet take weapons to school? Join Dean Dalinghaus all you want, in his ongoing effort to make autistic fourth graders miserable; but I am still going to say, along with the Dept. of Justice, that Frankfort has a problem in its identification of danger to students.