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Monday, January 18, 2016

Affluenza, A Petition From MADD

Remember Ethan Couch, the "affluenza kid"? Now that he has been caught, after Tonya Couch, his so-called "mother", helped him hide in Mexico in order to avoid the constraints of probation for the four murders of which he was convicted in 2013, and is fighting deportation, a judge has the option of transferring his case from juvenile court to adult court. Had he been held accountable for his crimes, or even if he had shown some gratitude for his light sentence and taken advantage of the opportunity to sober up, perhaps so many people would not be outraged at him and his mother.

Among those outraged are Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They have circulated a petition to show Texas how the rest of the nation feels about rich teens who drive drunk, kill people, and get free passes from the judicial system to do it again, while otherwise violating probation. The link is shared here, and it is not only worth reading, but worth signing. Petition To Fight Affluenza

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