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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Terri Horman Speaks


Whoa! Terri Horman speaks! More than five years after her former stepson, Kyron Horman, the little boy who disappeared from his school in Portland, Oregon, needed her to speak! There are more problems with this than your faithful blogger can shake a stick at, but here are the ones she sees as the biggest. First of all, Miss Terri told her audience that she did not "kill her son". Well, well; the last time anyone checked, Kyron was NOT her son. Terri Horman's son is a young man by the name of James Moulton, and we all know that Terri Horman did not kill James. For extra outrage value, Terri also referred to Kyron as "the boy". "The boy" has a name: Kyron. Terri is well aware of this. She is also aware of something else; her ongoing desire to distance herself from Kyron, or anything that has ever reminded her of Kyron.

The second crazy problem with Terri's insane drivel is her insistence that she was NOT the last person to see Kyron. How would she know this? If Miss Terri truly left the school without Kyron, after watching him walk toward his classroom, on June 4, 2010, exactly how would she know if anyone else had seen him afterward? How? If she knows that someone else had contact with Kyron after she left the school, she needs to come forward to law enforcement with that information, rather than attempting to make money from interviews with magazines that peddle sensationalism. Just for the record, her statements have always conflicted with the statements of eyewitnesses, who saw her leave the building with her infant daughter, Kiara, and with Kyron.

The third serious problem with all of this goes back to your faithful blogger's initial outrage at Terri Horman for waiting five years to say anything about Kyron's missing persons case. Why five years? What makes five years so special, for the up and coming criminal class? A plausible theory about this involves the statute of limitations for various crimes in the state of Oregon. Five years is a common statute of limitation in many states for serious misdemeanors and some felonies, and for many civil torts. Oregon's statute of limitations for most types of child prostitution is six years. Could Terri Horman's decision to speak now be linked to something she did six years ago? If so, did it involve Kyron? If Terri Horman really wanted to help find Kyron, she would have done so in June of 2010, not January of 2016.

And now here's a question for Terri. Hey Terri, how come you borrowed the bus drivers' cell phone to call the school and ask why Kyron wasn't on the school bus? Why didn't you use your own? Did (ahem) someone else have it? What about those burn phones you and your buddies kept purchasing? 

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