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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Private Message

Lately, over the past couple of months, I have been getting quite a few hits to this post, about a sex offender named Robert Neil Boyd. The answers to your probable questions are: yes, he got arrested; yes, he went to jail; yes, he is in the national sex offender registry; and yes, he did it. There was one person in his acquaintance who did not wish to cover for him.


Anonymous said...
Boyd is mentioned in the last part of the page.

Investigation began when he took his computer in for repairs. He had 9000 images of child porn.
Did time in TN, released, and went back to Frederick to face eight counts of possession of child pornography.

Juli Henry said...

It seems that he absconded from Maryland while awaiting trial. Later on, a bench warrant was issued. Why did he take his computer in for repairs with kiddie porn on it, anyway? Did he think no one would notice? And 9000 images in Tennessee? Wow. Neil must really like kids.

Hasn't he ever been told to pick on someone his own size?