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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another Disgusting Cop Story

Detective Erin Thompson, of the sheriff's department in Shawnee County, Kansas, has found her way to a paid vacation because she falsified evidence in criminal cases she investigated. Specifically, it was discovered that she stated that she had spoken with witnesses when, in fact, she had not. Now the Kansas Bureau of Investigations is investigating Officer Thompson and a number of cases that were tried in court, hinging on the false information given by Thompson.

One such case is involved the death of a five month old little boy named Caleb Stewart. His mother left him at daycare and went to work, only to pick him up at the hospital after he died at daycare. He had been placed in a closet on a dogbed, and when the unofficial "volunteer" at the daycare found him, he was not breathing. She did not dial 911, but called the actual babysitter, instead. Paramedics were not summoned for at least ten more minutes. The babysitter's boyfriend was "unofficially present", and the daycare had lost its license to be a daycare......facts which were not disclosed to Caleb's parents.

Erin Thompson did not find anything criminally amiss in the scenario. Neither did Chad Taylor, the District Attorney in Topeka. His office hung up on anyone who called with questions about the case. Many questions were never properly answered in Caleb's case, and discrepancies between the findings of the autopsy and the statements made by those present when Caleb died were never explained. Hopefully, when the Kansas Bureau of Investigations conducts its probe of Detective Erin Thompson's cases, they will find some answers for Caleb's parents.


Anonymous said...

People in authority who abuse their power...well...let's just say there is a special place in hell 4 them...God help us all!!

Juli Henry said...

I agree. Since it happened here in Kansas, I feel a special need to make sure the world hears about it.