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In An Age Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act.......George Orwell

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Private Message

Hey Laura, there is something you should at least try to recognize. I would never have known about your son and the vandalism he committed in Marshall County, Kansas, in the summer of 2013, had you not scrambled so desperately to blame someone else for the damage to your vehicle. Do you think that those whose assistance you sought in making false accusations were quiet about what you said? Think again! a freak of happenstance.....I just happened to be present when your son's victim confronted you. You did not even appear to remember the incident, or his connection to it; but he remembered! How on earth do you forget the destructive behaviors of your own progeny toward your constituents, anyway? Aren't you even the slightest bit embarrassed? If not, you should be. It is also quite clear that you neglected to pay off all of your son's classmates in exchange for silence. Most of them were too young, at the time, to be legally held to a contract; but do you seriously expect them not to talk when your son brags about his own unlawful behavior, as if it were an amusing pastime for him? Don't be so unrealistic.

You also need to be aware that our state and federal authorities are not the "Poetry Police", charged with a sweet and sparkly mission of making the internet and the world of printed words a pleasant and wonderful place for you! You appear to have no reservations about destroying reputations, lodging false accusations, fracturing families, or ruining lives. Are you really that surprised when others desire to see you and yours held accountable for your lies and wrongdoing? If you seriously think that dishonesty is a good approach for your job, you need to develop a thicker skin. As an elected official, you do not have the same protections from liable or slander that the rest of the world enjoys; and if you harm others, people are going to talk about it.

And Laura, where's this farm to which you refer every year, when you do your taxes?


Anonymous said...

You hit this one SPOT ON! Glad someone isn't afraid to tell the truth!

Juli Henry said...

I wonder how the "recipient" of this message is going to feel when her property tax information is pasted all over the internet? Her son already thinks that the laws do not apply to him! I wonder if she and her husband taught their children that deliberately?