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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Return Of Persephone

It is Beltane once again in the northern hemisphere, time for fertility rituals and celebrations of the return of the growing season. In Pagan life, this is the time of year that belongs to the Goddess; late Autumn and Winter are the seasons of the God. On Halloween, Persephone disappears into the Underworld and to her consort, Hades, and on Beltane, she returns to the surface. Her mother, Demeter, graces the earth with plants and crops for another growing season. Fertility was celebrated at this time, and entire villages ran their herds through ceremonial fires, called bale fires, for fertility and luck. Dancing around the Maypole, during which every dancer "weaves" ribbons around a maypole while dancing, is also a very old custom. It has always been a time for parties and joy. Have a wonderful Beltane!

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