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Monday, April 4, 2016

How The Stop Signs Got Holy

According to the Marysville Advocate, Tom Bennett, of an engineering company called B.G. Consultants, has stated that Marshall County, Kansas has more "holy" stop signs than any other county in Kansas.  He also informed the county attorney, Laura McNish, that each stop sign will cost $80.00 to replace. McNish responded with the observation that Marshall County is spending money to put up new signs that could be "vandalized the very next day". Imagine that, in a county where the magistrate judge turns a deaf ear to complaints about drunk teenagers who drive on sidewalks! One would almost think McNish actually cares about destruction of property!

While taking shots at road signs is definitely a form of entertainment for less intelligent types, and unacceptable behavior anywhere, Laura McNish has certainly got a lot of nerve to complain about either destruction of property or the waste of government funds. This quote was made at a Marshall County Council meeting in 2013: "EQUAL PROSECUTION. CM spoke about an example of a juvenile crossing private property cutting donuts with a vehicle. She talked about prosecution and restitution and asked why some people are singled out for the exact crime and some are not. CA McNish said Municipal Court has no jurisdiction over juveniles. CM asked CA McNish to comment on fair and equal prosecution in town. CA McNish said he has been more than fair. No decisions were made." A council member had found it odd that the son of the Marshall County attorney had driven the Marshall County attorney's vehicle through a farmer's cornfield, destroying property, and had largely gotten away with it. The young man later boasted in school, to all who would listen, that he could do whatever he pleased because his parents are elected officials in Marshall County. He was not charged with a crime, as other juveniles are in those situations. His classmates have also expressed surprise that he felt perfectly comfortable using a vehicle to plow into mailboxes in Marysville. He was even a bit of a behavioral problem in school, but never sanctioned or assisted, because his parents did not want him "labeled". That said, what's good for the county attorney's family is probably what many parents in Marshall County feel is good for their own families, and when a kid destroys government property, responsibility is the last thing many of the parents take. Can anyone blame them? Look at the example set by Marshall County's attorney!

Any taxpayer who is concerned about the waste of tax dollars should be aware that Laura McNish is extremely fond or perusing the internet while sitting in her taxpayer funded chair in Marysville's taxpayer funded office. At times when there are actual issues which require the attention of a county attorney, she is so enamored of social media that entire days slip by, while she engrosses herself in one person's Facebook or Google media. Does this sound unbelievable? Click this link! Any real problem, from a murder to a bullet-ridden stop sign, will take a back seat to Laura's interest in matters online. "The rest of us have to pay so someone can have a childish moment", she whines, states the Marysville Advocate. How many childish moments has Marshall County funded for the county attorney? According to the tracker for this site, on April 18, 2013 taxpayers paid the bill for 1,380 childish moments for Laura McNish.

Hopefully, the future will see no more vandalism in Marshall County and many more responsible uses of guns, government property, and taxpayer funded time.  


Anonymous said...

That's funny as hell! Did she really spend two days reading your posts?

Juli Henry said...

Yeppers. She still gets on here from time to time. She also has other people read this site for her.