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Monday, September 12, 2016

Deplorable Is As Deplorable Does

Hillary Clinton described few of Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables". She was not discussing their backgrounds, their lifestyles, or even their appearances; but their behavior. There is a very long list of violent incidents at Trump rallies, and no one else in the presidential race for 2016 has attracted or incited as much violence as Donald Trump. It seems rather obvious that those who openly show support for Trump by attending his events can, at least, be called disorderly; so why has Trump's running mate, former Indiana governor Mike Pence, become irate that Hillary would say such a thing about Trump's supporters? Possibly, because Mike Pence is a lot more fluent in "deplorability." After all, he is the one who used campaign funds during his 1990 run for Congress in Indiana to pay his personal bills. He dropped out of that race because of the resulting scandal.

Maybe while Donald Trump is running his mouth about Hillary Clinton's observations about those who attend his rallies, he could take a minute to wish her a speedy recovery from pneumonia. Not that she won't recover; she certainly will, but isn't it a lot more polite and less deplorable to express concern and well wishes?

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