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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dear Dr. Phil

Dear Dr. Phil,

Recently, you hosted the former step parent of Kyron Horman, missing from Oregon since 2010, on your talk show. At one point, you asked her about the suspicions on the part of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office to the effect that she had attempted to hire someone to murder her husband, Kaine. The allegations centered around a landscaper, whom she had hired to mow her lawn, and an offer she had allegedly made. When you asked her about it, she told you that she had never told Kaine about the landscaper. In fact, she gave her older son, James Moulton, credit for mowing the lawn when she discussed it with Kaine.

Is there a way to send Terri Horman a follow-up question, via your show? If James had been given the task of mowing the lawn by his stepfather, does it build character when his mother hires a landscaper to do it, instead? What kind of a message is sent when she lies to her husband, and states that her son actually mowed the lawn, as charged? This does not sound like good parenting. There are quite a few people who saw your show that day, and would like these questions further explored. Oh, there's one more question that should be put to Terri directly: Terri, where's Kyron?

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