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Monday, September 19, 2016

Message For A Northeast Kansas Youth Pastor

Hey, Northeast Kansas Youth Pastor; you know that young man you and your congregation have been praying for? The one who got into an automobile accident and suffered some severe injuries? Well, despite your church's and his family's efforts to float the rumor that this driver was not drunk, the sheriff of the county where the accident occurred got a warrant for his lab results and blood tests from that night. Guess what? He was drunk. I'm pretty sure you and all of you "prayer warriors" know that, though. All of you really think that there is actually a "god" in the sky who thinks it is okay for members of your church to commit crimes, don't you?

I have another question for you. If "God" actually zaps this young man into a speedy and complete recovery, as all of you have so fervently and repetitiously requested, have you considered that at the moment his health allows him to answer for his actions on the night of the car wreck, there will be a warrant issued for his arrest in the State of Kansas? You should probably "counsel" this boy's insane and hypocritical parents to retain legal counsel for him, so that if and when "God" strikes him healthy again, he will be represented in court. Because, contrary to what all of you think, we are all equal to certain forces here on Earth.

Unless, of course, getting "healed" and living as a fugitive are Christian lifestyle thingies. Geesh. Just remind the family that the bible advises to be honest and non-fraudulent, and that the young man involved in the accident should be accountable for what he did.

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