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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Terri Horman And Dr. Phil

After six years of refusing to speak about her stepson's missing persons case, Terri Horman, the sometime step parent of Kyron Horman, has finally decided to voice her opinions. Not to law enforcement, and not facts; but on daytime television and defenses of her own behaviors. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Dr. Phil has interviews with Terri Horman on his show. Above is a clip from Wednesday's show. Certain unusual inconsistencies are discussed, such as Terri's insistence that the police told her to lie to reporters about her marital status when she and Kyron's father separated. That does not make sense, as anyone with a need for such information can look it up at the local courthouse. Marriages are public. The rumor that Terri did not fail a polygraph is also put to rest, as Dr. Phil and Terri openly discuss that fact that she failed two polygraphs and did not complete a third. Possibly, however; the most glaring insult to reality is this: Terri Horman did not wear a button with a picture of Kyron, who is the real subject of the show, and did not even hold up a flyer with a picture of him, as both of Kyron's parents do, when they appear on national television to discuss Kyron's case.

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