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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Did You Expect, NYPD?

In a vain effort to improve it's public image, the New York Police Department invited the general public to share any pictures of civilians with New York police officers on Twitter to showcase pictures of law enforcement and civilians acting friendly toward each other. It was assumed that there were people, among the population of New York, who had snapshots of police officers acting friendly, and being normal, regular people. It was assumed incorrectly. All of the pictures that were shared featured police officers abusing their privileges, and police officers abusing people or animals.

We can only wonder what the NYPD expected. Law enforcement answers to the call of privatized prisons, these days. Privatized prisons create a demand for prisoners, just as privatized foster care systems create a demand for foster children. Abuse is an almost assured way to escalate a situation from benign to horrific and squeeze at least a few charges out if it. NYPD, and most other police departments, are guilty of this type of abuse.

On April 25, which is tomorrow, there will be a Facebook and Twitter event, linked here, inviting everyone to flood both mediums with pictures abuse in progress by law enforcement. This is not only to commemorate the abuses of the New York Police Department, but all police departments. If you have a picture of police abuse, or police abusing a person or an animal, or in the act of destroying property, won't you share it with everyone? You community and the world need to see it.

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Anonymous said...

Cops are getting more and more violent.