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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Writing That Transcends Time And Space

Bagheera to Mowgli:

In the cage my life began; 
Well I know the worth of Man.
By the Broken Lock that freed-
Man-cub, 'ware the Man-cub's breed!
Scenting-dew or starlight pale,
Choose no tangled tree-cat trail,
Pack or council, hunt or den,
Cry no truce with Jackal-Men.
Feed the silence when they say,
"Come with us an easy way."
Feed them silence when they seek
Help of thine to hurt the weak.
Make no bandar's boast of skill;
Hold they peace above the kill
Let not call nor song nor sign
Turn thee from thy hunting-line.
(Morning mist or twilight clear,
Serve him, Wardens of the Deer!)
Wood and Water, Wind and Tree,
Jungle-Favour go with thee!

All the Mowgli Stories; Rudyard Kipling

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