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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Teaching Science Threatens Business

The governor of Wyoming just signed a bill into law that blocks the teaching of science and ecology from a worldwide standpoint that considers global warming. Public schools, in order to appease the energy business in Wyoming, will not be allowed to teach the same science that the more progressive public schools in the United States and virtually the rest of the world teaches. Wyoming legislators actually stated that they did not want the schools to teach something that contraindicates the state's biggest industry, and that they would rather teach outdated science! How unfortunate for the hopeful college bound student wishing to study science!

Frankfort, Kansas has a public school where social studies and American history are deliberately not taught. Dean Dalinghaus, the principal, stated to a parent that teaching children about the Constitution and how it applies to them makes "running the school smoothly" more difficult. This makes USD 380 in Kansas another example of education taking a back seat to politics.

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