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Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday


Anonymous said...

Awww that's cute, maturity isn't something you learned. Everything on your blog is garbage and offensive, you lie to the people by telling stories of false truth. You create conflicts you have no answers for. We are anonymous, let's play a game you fucker.

Juli Henry said...

False truth? Is that anything like "True Lies"? You are not anonymous at all. Sure, I'll play. Here's the information you've left about yourself so far:

Host Name:
Safari iPad/iOS

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Apple iPad

Kansas, United States

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26 mins 12 secs
Verizon Wireless

Verizon also has a phone number for anyone to use when reporting abuse from one of their IP's. Continue to threaten me, and I will do that.

Anonymous said...

Reporting abuse? You reporting abuse? All the horrible lies you tell, comments you post on news articles, stories you create, and YOU want to report abuse? Just what the hell do you call what you do to everyone that encounters you or makes the mistake of crossing your path? You, dear Juli, are the abuser and people stay away from you and avoid you at all costs because no one really knows what story you are going to create or lie you are going to spin. It is unfortunate that your children must pay the price for your mental illness, because everyone knows that is the under lying issue here. You have isolated them and made them paranoid of society in general. It truly is sad.

Juli Henry said...

Yes. I received a volley of comments that day consisting of threats and foul language from someone who used a Verizon IP to send it to me. That's abuse, and I will report it.

I do not have a mental illness, and you probably do not, either. I also do not have a criminal record, and the last time you people tried, it didn't work. Doesn't that tell you something? But if we try with Tom Schroeder, as per the LAW concerning what he fessed up to concerning what he did to my daughter, he WILL have a criminal record, because he already stated that he did it, and it's a crime. I want him charged, and treated the same way you people have treated my family. I also want a school that only uses teachers and volunteers who, like me, do not have criminal records. So far, USD 380 has not been able to deliver. My children do not get to drink and drive, with the local Frankfort youth, and my children do not get to carry on like the white trash that teaches it's children to drive on sidewalks or embezzle money from their employers. Do you really think they suffer when I keep you guys away from them? One of them is paranoid because Dalinghaus openly encouraged a couple of kids to throw a basketball at his head AFTER recess, and break his glasses, but that isn't my doing! The underlying issue is that Frankfort High School has lot of children who drink and use drugs, and when it goes on in front of my face, you know I won't cover for you. I'll bet Parker Gallion and his family REALLY WISHED they could convince law enforcement that I was paranoid the night I called the cops because the children of local white trash were drunk and driving on the sidewalks! But instead, he got arrested. Even the Frankfurter teachers don't seem responsible about raising children.

We successfully sued CPS, by the way. Last month, we got the court order that all of their "pronoucements" against my husband were reversed. Seems they only had information from someone who worked at the school, and that particular someone had, in fact, not seen any of the things he or she had initially claimed to have seen!!! Do frankfurters lie much? Hmmm........

My kids are not paranoid of society in general. They get on fine with people who do not live in Frankfort. And I, too, have a very nice personality; I just don't have it around people like you. Why not just admit you want to drink, do drugs, and drive under the influence, and admit that I occasionally inconvenience you by noticing this? Just be honest for a change!

Juli Henry said...

Are you upset because WIBW finally shut down it's racist discussion about Michelle Obama?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question, why did you have to bring in Tom and USD 380? Because if you look back, this comment wasn't about him or the school district or Parker. It was about you! About how you always tell the truth. Well little missy, it's about time you actually tell the truth, not just the web of lies you spin on a daily basis. And you are upset because people aren't tolerant of you and your views and "religion", well why don't you start being tolerant of ours. If anything you are purposefully posting these hateful cartoons and other things about Christians. Why don't you start practicing what you preach?

Juli Henry said...

When I first moved here, my kids were required to be christians in order to attend school without bullies attacking them. They were also required to do a lot of christian crap in certain classes. The ACLU stepped in and informed the school that this is unlawful. Then, Tom lost my daughter during school and went home and forgot about her. Then, Alice Jones allowed another child, who continually came to work "impaired" to work, in that condition, at the library with my daughter! It's one thing after another that should never, ever happen, yet always gets swept under the carpet. When I speak up, and try to suggest positive changes, you guys accuse me of lying. You guys also spew out crap about your religion, and why the religion makes you better than me, even of your legs are wide open, along with your bibles! Of course I enjoy spoofing on've made it lots of fun!

Juli Henry said...

Also, I actually DO practice what I preach. My religion does not encourage tolerance of evil, and what many of you do is evil. My religion also does not abide by the same precepts as the bible, so I have the dubious luxury of latitude to judge if I see some value to in it.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with sharing hateful cartoons about Christians and their religion? What do they do to others? Spread hatred, of course!