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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Do People Enable Child Abuse?

"Let's be clear here, if anyone is in a position to be sued, it is you. For slander. Most of this post is a lie. Your daughter wasn't running alone. The cross country kids have always been dropped off in a group. She at least started with the other kids. She wasn't on some desolate road. Tom has always dropped the kids off in the same area, and there are TONS of houses along the way. You also made a little error in your story telling (er... lying) First you say she was dropped off on the side of the highway 4 miles south of town. Then later you say she was wandering around where there were no homes, only corporate farms. Anyone who is familiar with Frankfort at all will know the whole "alone and lost with no houses" will know that your story is total bs." 

I am still amazed by this stupid threat.  A frankfurter from Frankfort Kansas supports a guidance counselor at Frankfort High School and wants me to believe that my actions of protecting children and my request for the removal of a guidance counselor who abandons children in random places during school hours is slander. For the record, Tom Schroeder admitted default and was reportedly disciplined for his actions concerning this incident, so slander would be a very difficult burden for him to prove. Of course, yours truly does not believe that he was actually disciplined, but the superintendent sent letters stating this via snail mail, and those would serve as evidence in court that the incident actually took place. I also signed no contract promising my silence on this matter, and would never do a thing like that, so my detractor (er... troll) is free to shut up and come to jesus on the issue of child endangerment as well as merit in civil cases.

Such a lawsuit would set a very dangerous precedent for children. Most of my communications on this subject have not been on this site. I started with communicating, at the behest of Officer Brian Kenworthy, with the Marshall County Sheriff's Office. I then informed the superintendent of USD 380. I also informed every agency in the state of Kansas that deals with schools, daycares, and child safety, prior to informing publications and organizations around the nation of the incident. This was NOT slander, and such a lawsuit , if won, would position children to become victims of abusive and negligent school employees every day in Kansas, and would disable parents from even calling the police to report children missing when they do not return home from school. Contrary to popular belief in Frankfort, a jury would probably understand this, and rule in favor of the parent, not the guidance counselor. Frankfort Kansas and it's sillyassed school have had past difficulties in predicting logic employed by juries, and it appears that Frankfort has not changed.

In order for me to be guilty of slander, I would have to lie, and the guidance counselor would have to sustain a loss as a result. The problem for this dumbass troll is that I am not lying. Frankfort's guidance counselor admitted default, and the superintendent corresponded in turn with me. I have all of the paperwork connected to this incident. Every time a member of the Frankfort, Kansas community accuses me of lying, I will publicize this incident in more places, to more people. I promise.

Because the school board and the principal of Frankfort High School in Kansas have enabled Tom Schroeder, and he continues to "teach", he has not suffered any losses of any kind because of this incident, or because of my testimony or my daughter's testimony. The school faculty worked very hard to convince my daughter to refrain from complaining, but she knows that if another child is "lost" in the same manner, and is not lucky enough to return home alive, she will never forgive herself.

Now, about these "tons of houses"......they simply are not present. And even if they were, I never told any of my children that they could or should knock on the doors of strangers. That is extremely dangerous. If Schroeder told my daughter to do that, after I taught my daughter never to do that, he should be fired. He should also serve time in prison for putting my daughter in that position. Anyone who does not see that, or understand it and agree with me is a child abuser and a creep. Enabling such individuals is wrong. Why should my daughter knock on the doors of strangers during the school day? What, exactly, did Tom Schroeder have planned?

Suppose my daughter had fallen and gotten hurt during the four hour, or so, period during which she was lost? Suppose a bad person had driven in that area and found her? Republican Congresswoman Sharon Schwartz's husband mistakenly thought that the sparsely populated rural countryside is a better place to be lost than the city, (so much for the "tons of houses" mentioned by my troll) but I reminded him that if someone had wanted to harm my daughter that day, there would have been no eyewitnesses or surveillance cameras anywhere, and I would probably still be searching for her. Not that my heartbreak at such a situation would matter to any of these people.

I am still wondering why Laura McNish, the county prosecutor in Marshall County, Kansas, never bothered to file charges against Tom Schroeder for this. She has made some claims about the evils of child abuse, and has even used past automobile accidents as evidence of bad parenting, in order to justify separating parents from children in Marshall County. If a parent abandoned a child along the highway, how would the law address that? Why does a teacher get away with such abuse? Tom Schroeder did not call me, my ex husband, or the police to let anyone know my daughter was missing. When a kidnapping occurs and is done by a stranger, the first three hours are crucial. If the perpetrator intends to kill the victim, it usually happens within the first three hours. But Tom Schroeder gave up searching by himself and went home and had dinner. Why hasn't Laura McNish charged Tom Schreoder with criminal restraint, child endangerment, and kidnapping? Why hasn't she worried about the safety of other children exposed to his bad judgment?

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