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Friday, March 6, 2015

Can Kansas Find Someone Better Than Kris Kobach?

A couple of days ago, the Department of Justice published it's findings that police in the St. Louis, Missouri area do, indeed, have a tendency to ignore the constitutional rights of African Americans. This, naturally, did not brighten Kris Kobach's day. What it has to do with immigration is beyond the imagination of yours truly, but somehow, a gentle listener of some silly-assed conservative radio show has manufactured a connection and called in to share it with Kobach, and he packaged it, without proving it. He put it all together, verbally, in a way that promotes racism and misinformation as usual. Is there anyone who can serve as secretary of state in Kansas without ignoring the constitution and telling not only bold faced lies, but presenting fantasy as truth? This notion that African Americans will cease to face prosecution for any crime may actually serve as proof that Kobach is certifiable and in need of treatment for delusions.

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