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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Washington Children Ruin Kidnapper's Day

Yesterday, in Sprague, Washington, a babysitter allowed three small children to play in a park by themselves. The youngest, twenty-two month old Owen Wright, was grabbed out of his stroller by a stranger! His older brother and sister gave chase, screaming for help as they went. Some teenagers in a car drove by and joined the chase, and the child snatching creep put the baby down.

Owen Wright is safe now, but police were unsuccessful in nabbing the kidnapper. Below are two stills, culled from surveillance footage from a nearby grocery store, which show the man's face. He is said to be about 6' 2", and about thirty to thirty-five years old. If you know him, please ruin his day even more and call the police department in Sprague at 509-477-3300.

Update: A fifteen year old kid has been arrested and identified in a line-up in connection to this crime.

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