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Monday, March 16, 2015

Resume Of A Kansas Youth Pastor

In November of last year, a Northeast Kansas youth pastor by the name of James Bugbee was arrested for sexual assault of a minor. For reasons only known to the shadow, this matter only got nominal notice and coverage from local media, and a lot of people in Northeast Kansas are unaware that a youth pastor of Washington Christian Church in Kansas went to court for molesting a child. Last week, he was sentenced to sixty-four months, with credit for time served since his arrest. This garnered even less attention in the news. Fortunately, the court was more impressed than the media with Reverend Bugbee's accomplishments. Sixty-four months is the longest sentence with which a first time offender can be sentenced for this crime in Kansas. But shouldn't all the churches be proud enough of Reverend Bugbee to announce his evangelical talents everywhere? Should parents in Washington County Kansas and surrounding areas have a chance to peruse his resume in the sex offender registry prior to allowing children to attend church?

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