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Friday, March 13, 2015

What Are They Teaching In Kansas Schools?

A couple of years ago, I confronted Dean Dalinghaus, principal of Frankfort School, in Frankfort Kansas, about his practice of allowing anyone at all, friend or foe, or unknown person, for that matter; to enter the school and wander the hallways and classrooms at will, no questions asked. Most schools do not allow this for obvious reasons, connected to safety of students and faculty. Dalinghaus rudely asked me if I wanted him to install a metal detector, like "inner city" schools.

Funny, Deanie-Boy should mention metal detectors. While metal detectors will not help him as much as a simple sign-in list with his strangers and the boogyman entering the building at will, a metal detector can be very useful when strangers, teachers, the boogyman, or students, particularly those already on probation, bring guns to school. A couple of months ago, the secretary in the superintendent's office at USD 380, Frankfort's district, telephoned the county prosecutor in hopes of having your faithful blogger arrested (!!!!) for complaining about the inordinate number of children with criminal records in Frankfort High School and requesting that USD 380 do more to protect the children who are not interested in crime. How is that for pressure and fear-mongering when someone steps forward with the truth? Mrs. Secretary was disappointed when she was told that it is not a crime to complain about crime in public schools. (where's the eye-rolley when I need it?)

As it turns out, the question was well placed. Not only is Frankfort High School a place where children feel free to drink underage and use recreational drugs, Frankfort High School is also a place where children feel quite free to express infantile rage (possibly escalated by inept and unqualified staff?) to the point of police presence in the school itself, and.....resulting in an arrest of yet another child, boosting the percentage of Frankfort students with resumes at the courthouse. I refer to an incident that happened about a month ago, involving a sophomore. Somehow, it seems that Deanie-Boy Dalinghaus could have managed the incident differently, if he really cared about any of the students; this child did not have a weapon. But back to metal detectors: last week, a senior, who is already on probation for other crimes, was arrested for taking a gun to Frankfort School. Two arrests on the campus in a month's time, one involving a weapon. Wow. In a school that only has about one hundred and fifty children from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

I forgot to mention that the senior was also arrested for drugs. Could the creation of a distraction be the real reason the superintendent's secretary wanted to fan as many flames as possible against yours truly, when yours truly wanted Frankfort High School to straighten up and fly right, for a change?

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