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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Colton Barrera's Petition

Colton Ross Barrera disappeared on September 26, 2008. Since then, the case has stagnated in the office of the Russell County Sheriff's Office, in Kansas and has been assigned to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in Great Bend, Kansas, but with no notable progress in searches or interviews with witnesses. Because it has been over six years since Colton has been seen anywhere, his family, his friends, and the citizens of Kansas would like this case handed to the FBI for further investigation and a fresh look at any leads that may or may not have been pursued. The people of Kansas would also like an update on the case from the Russell County Sheriff's Office and from the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, complete with an accounting of the outcomes of any interviews and the findings of any search warrants. Colton and his family deserve to know the progress of the investigation and the case. Here is the link to the petition to request renewed efforts to find Colton and resolve his case; please click on the link and sign it.

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