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Thursday, May 21, 2015

James Horn Is A Missouri Fugitive

Tonight, we have a man in Missouri, named James Horn Jr., on the run because he apparently murdered his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Sutton, and her seventeen year old son, Zachary. She had lived with Horn in Sedalia, but broke up with him after being held hostage in a wooden box most of the time since January. She finally got away from him in early April. This morning, she and Zachary were found dead in the home of relatives in Clinton. Because police did not see fit to grab him in April, when Sutton first complained, he is now in the wind. They have been making efforts to find him for about two weeks, though. Quite thoughty of them.

Authorities in Clinton have stated that they were unaware that Sutton was living in Clinton, and that they were unaware that there were any warrants for Horn's arrest or any efforts underway to find him. Let yours truly raise the BS flag here. This case has been in the news for at least several weeks, and did not become a double homicide until today. If CNN and Fox News were aware of Mr. Horn, law enforcement in Missouri should have been aware of him, as well. And since young Zachary attended school in Clinton, it does not appear to have been a secret that he and his mother were staying with his grandparents. Indeed, it was not a secret to Mr. Horn.

Hopefully, James Horn will be apprehended before he kills anyone else.

Sandra and Zachary Sutton

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