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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crazy Racist Principal Is Fired

Nancy Gordeuk, the crazy racist high school principal who ruined graduation for the seniors at TNT Academy in Georgia, has been officially relieved of her duties as a school employee. Apparently, the private school's investors did not accept her excuse, "the devil made me do it", as a legitimate reason for ruining graduation. Perhaps the devil was annoyed, too. After all, his reputation takes a beating when people like Nancy Gordeuk and her ilk (fundamentalist christians) do not wish to take responsibility for their actions. While it is a very wonderful thing that she will no longer be extended the privilege of badly influencing the young people at TNT Academy, the graduating class of 2015 will never be given their graduation back. Because she's a bigot, Nancy Gordeuk ruined a once in a lifetime event for these students.

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