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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Marilyn Mosby Has Made A Solid Decision

In discussions about Baltimore, Maryland, and the errant policemen charged in Freddie Gray's untimely death because of false arrest, there has been a lot of speculation in other parts of the country about Maryland State's Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, and her decision to file criminal charges. This is curious, because other cases involving prosecutors and their day to day decisions are generally not that interesting to the general public. This case; however, has drawn almost every disgruntled, racist, armchair critic out of the woodwork, to pretend that he or she not only has an intimate knowledge of Baltimore without ever having visited the city, but also knows the law better than Baltimore's top law enforcement official: Marilyn Mosby!

The real point of interest can probably be found in the recurring theme of police officers harassing, falsely arresting, and occasionally killing black men and not having to account for it. Freddie Gray was merely existing while black, doing nothing that should have been a problem for police officers, when he made "eye contact" with one. This was the reason given for his arrest, and police in Baltimore actually expected that explanation for the harassment and subsequent arrest of Mr. Gray to satisfy everyone. Eye contact. Next, he was dragged and slammed into a police van, his asthma ignored, and no one bothered with a seat belt. Apparently, he sustained an injury during the arrest and asked for help. All anyone did was slam his head against metal, while forcing him into the van. This created an injury that damaged eighty percent of Gray's spine, and he was not taken to the hospital for hours. About a week later, he died of those injuries. But.......white Americans in the Midwest, Kansas in particular, many of whom have never been to Baltimore, do not empathize with Freddie Gray at all, but use this as an opportunity to encourage more racism.

Maryland has over 5 million people in it. about 620,000 or so of them live in Baltimore. By contrast, Kansas has about 2 million people, and many of it's counties have populations smaller than 10 thousand people. Marilyn Mosby is not a "county attorney" but a "state's attorney", and she has many more constituents and much more responsibility than any county prosecutor in Kansas ever imagined. In the matter of Freddie Gray's death, she immediately got to work gathering evidence and testimony, and within day of receipt of the coroner's report, which clearly states that Gray's death was a homicide, she made a determination that those involved should be charged. There were some riots prior to this, but she faced her constituents and communicated with them, and Baltimore was not "on fire", as white midwesterners seem to enjoy fact, there were not many ugly reactions at all. Ferguson, Missouri played around with it's citizens for months in a sickening game, it's goal to keep a white police officer from answering for the murder of black teenager. Mosby has not played those games. She looked at the facts, and charged the appropriate suspects with appropriate crimes.

Why is White America having so many problems with law enforcement being held accountable for criminal behavior? Baltimore, white and black, elected Marilyn Mosby to do exactly what she is doing, and Baltimore is also very happy with her.

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