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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dylann Roof Found Guilty

Dylann Roof, the twenty-two year old monster who shot nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, was found guilty today. He stated that he chose the South Carolina church and the people at the bible study because he wanted to commit a crime against black people, and he thought that people in church wouldn't fight back. His rhetoric on Facebook also sounds a lot like Donald Trump's rhetoric, during his campaign for president.

The pastor of the church, Clementa Pinckney, was killed in the incident. Reverend Pinckney was also a United States senator, representing South Carolina. What is not known is why Governor Sam Brownback, of Kansas, did not order the flags at half staff, following Clementa Pinckney's death, as he did for John Glenn, Antonin Scalia, and the victims of the Paris terrorist attack in November of 2015.

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