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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Your Tax Dollars At Work In Ottawa County Kansas

 In March, 2016, an under-sheriff named Russell Thornton, according to the government information site of Ottawa County, Kansas, determined that a ninety-one year old man suffering from Alzheimer's disease should be tased at a nursing home, when he refused to keep a medical appointment with a doctor. The vdeo was made available to the public in December. The staff at Minneapolis Good Samaritan Center, in Minneapolis, Kansas, called the police on the patient. Thornton waited until the man got up and began walking away, then pointed his taser at him and shot. The sheriff, Keith Colman, referred to this action as "the best possible alternative."

Couldn't the appointment have been rescheduled? What happened to the directive policemen were once given concerning the use of physical or brute force, and not using it unless absolutely necessary?

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