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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lloyd Lee Welch Has More Charges

And the hits just keep on coming! Lloyd Lee Welch, who faces murder charges in Virginia for the murders of Sheila and Katherine Lyon in 1975, has just been charged with the assault of another girl in 1996. While serving time in prison in Delaware for the sexual assault of yet another child, he was charged with kidnapping and murder of both of the Lyon sisters, who were last seen at what was once Wheaton Plaza, in Maryland.

From 1975 until 2014, plenty of people speculated about the disappearance of Sheila and Katherine, but the investigation did not yield any tangible results until late in 2013, when someone finally shared a credible tip with law enforcement. The information involved a man named Richard Welch, from Hyattsville, Maryland and his nephew, Lloyd Lee Welch. At the time, Lloyd Lee Welch was serving time in Delaware, for sexually assaulting a preteen girl in 1996. In 1992, he assaulted another preteen girl. Now, in addition to the abduction and murder of both Sheila and Katherine Lyon, who were ten and twelve years old, he has been charged with another sexual assault of a preteen girl, this time in Virginia.

There definitely appears to be a pattern in the type of victim chosen by Lloyd Lee Welch.

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