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Monday, December 5, 2016

Walter Scott's Killer May Go Free

Michael Slager, the white policeman who shot a black man named Walter Scott after a traffic stop in South Carolina last year, might go free after his trial because there is one person on the jury who seriously think that shooting a man who is not armed and is running away from, not toward, an officer, somehow puts the officer in danger. It appears that we have a juror who either thinks that cops should have open season to shoot whoever they wish, with no accountability, or we have a juror who does not feel that the victim's life had any value because the victim was black. Either way, this juror is a waste of space and oxygen. The judge has ordered the jury to deliberate until Monday, if need be. Court will reconvene then.

This police officer justifies all those who refer to policemen as "pigs". The racist attitude of the juror who feels that he cannot, in good conscience, convict a police officer who simply shoots and kills an unarmed man who is not even facing him, is creating an even bigger problem for America. What this juror is really telling us is that he thinks murder for racist reasons is okey-dokey, as long as no one who looks like him (the juror) is the victim.

Michael Slager, the racist pig, depicted above. If he goes free, I think pictures of his enablers and his family should be shared on social media, along with their names. Murder is not okay.

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