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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kentucky Racist Nasty Person

 Jefferson Mall, in Louisville, Kentucky, had a customer today who yelled and screamed at a couple of other customers who were ahead of her in line. The irate racist perceived some slight concerning waiting in line to make a purchase and harassed two other customers because of their race! One of the women ahead of the racist ranter wanted to purchase an item without a price tag, and went back to where she had found it, in an effort to find an identical item with a price tag, so it could be scanned at the register. When she gave the item to the cashier, the customer behind her, the racist ranter, began screaming insults! This happened in JCPenney.

Jefferson Mall has announced its intention to ban the woman, but the fact that no one stepped in to ask her to stop her tirade is troubling. Would it have been terribly difficult for to ask her to be quiet and leave others alone? Could the cashiers, or security in JCPenney, have taken a couple of minutes to ask the woman to calm down or leave the store?

Another troubling factor is the response of Greg Fischer, the mayor of Louisville. He stated, after seeing the video, which went viral on Facebook, that he was "sad and disappointed" at the racist customer's conduct, and that "this is not who we are", meaning the community. He is wrong; it actually IS who they are. If it wasn't, JCPenney's associates would have put a stop to the harassment immediately. Other customers would have asked the woman to stop. In fact, if that customer's behavior does not define the community at some level, she would never have felt free to behave that way at all. Greg Fischer hasn't really reacted to the incident or to the customer's racist rant; he responded to the fact that an embarrassing and very revealing video about his city was downloaded to Facebook.

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