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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Paul Ryan Is Very Angry With The Army Corps Of Engineers

Some good news, everyone! The Army Corps of Engineers decided not to grant the easement necessary to build the 1,170 mile pipeline in Standing Rock, North Dakota. The pipeline would not only have to go through tribal lands, but under the Missouri River, and the decision was to do this was nixed. President Obama also weighed in on the decision. That may be why Energy Transfer Partners released a statement explaining that when Trump is sworn in, they will go ahead and build their pipeline under Lake Oahe, and under the Missouri River. The problem is......Donald Trump is actually vested in Energy Transfer Partners. Trump has a conflict of interest in this matter.

Paul Ryan is very, very whiny and upset about this. He feels that saying "no" to poisoning the environment is "big government decision making at its worst". It appears that he thinks that a president with a clear conflict of interest, making decisions for his own personal profit, is much better decision making by "big government". Perhaps he is right; impeachment may be a real possibility because of this, if Trump continues to behave foolishly.

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