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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Writing That Transcends Time And Space

"I am asked whether I believe in , or accept as valid, any of the great religions currently favoured by humankind. The question amuses me inasmuch as that I am not a hominid and as such, do not require a spiritual strap upon which to hang. Nor am I afflicted by the great sense of fear and insecurity that pervades the majority of the human race. Their religions I liken to chess pieces in the hominid ego game, since most of them encourage humankind to view itself as greater, more evolved, and more powerful than any of the other species to which I give succour. Those faiths which aim to separate humankind from the implicate whole, of which it constitutes only one minute fraction, are abhorrent to me since they neither acknowledge my existence as an entity in my own right, nor accept the consciousness, and therefore comparative suffering, of those other species that exist on and around my surface. The tragedy lies in the fact that those who, in following such beliefs are guilty of inflicting pain on what you term 'lesser' creatures, will have to pay for their misdeed, if not in my aura, then on some other chaotic planet somewhere else in the universe."

Quote from Earth, in The Gaia Dialogues, by Murry Hope.

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