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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Hampshire Cop Hates Watching Obama On TV

Sometimes, as Shakespeare's Hamlet pined, it seems that "life is just one, long sigh." Wolfeboro New Hampshire, host of one of Mitt Romney's many abodes, is also host of a police commissioner by the name of Robert Copeland. Officer Copeland hates watching TV these days, because every time he turns on his TV, he sees that "f*cking n*gg*r", meaning President Obama. When he made this statement, he was eating in a restaurant, and speaking loudly enough be overheard by one of his constituents.

What a jerk. Not only does Copeland abuse the trust placed in him and his position by the public by downgrading part of the population, he sets a terrible example and uses language that would generate detentions and suspensions if used by children at school. It also sounds as though he might not protect and serve a constituent who happens to be African American.

Copeland refuses to resign, even though many people in Wolfeboro have requested the same. Sadly, New Hampshire is not the only state hosting ignorant racists. Pictured below is a Facebook post made by an uneducated Kansas man, calling for violence against a woman half his size. It appears that his reasons for hate are largely centered upon her religion. One of the persons who hit "like" is Tim Ackerman, the undersheriff in Marshall County, Kansas. Laura McNish, the county attorney, does not see a problem with law enforcement granting permission in such a manner to commit assault and battery for reasons of religious and cultural hate. She probably approves of the occasional racist act, as well.

Another "liker" for this post is a public school teacher in a small public school. Don't these people realize the responsibility that accompanies public office and teaching?


Anonymous said...

I have seen the whole page, as i am friends with Pat Brown on facebook. Nowhere does it make mention of whom the witch is. You published another lie.

Juli Henry said...

Nice try, May I call you That's what Blue Valley calls you. Of course, their billing dept. calls you something else, but for the purpose of online monikers, of which I thought "Pat Brown" was one, seems like a very nice name. And speaking of names and monikers,, Mr. Pat Brown used my married name to refer to me in his dialogue about me on that page. Granted, he did not use my middle name.....and I would to this day not even know who he is if he had not used his middle finger in a restaurant.......(do all of you frankfurters really behave that way when you go out to dinner?) Since he did, indeed, identify me in his violent threats and rantings, and the information was copied and sent to the appropriate places, he can delete it or alter it in any way his skills enable. A cop and a teacher still made a very ugly, violent, and bigoted statement. I thank my Ancestors that I am not related to any of you. You guys may think you have a hotline to a "god", but be aware that "God don't like ugly", and most of you are about as ugly in person as you online. Get positive, instead. Also, why not get sober?

Speaking of lies, any more from you,, and I will have someone who is better versed in analyzing data keep track of all you online comments about me, and I will work with the guff that makes it's way back to me in person, and we will notify the appropriate authorities and my attorney. Be advised that a couple of my adult children also have attorneys and do not appreciate your statements about this family, and the child I adopted also has an attorney and does not appreciate anything about you. Of course, that child knows you a lot better than I do, as he has lived here longer than I have! Oh....btw......did you know Keith and I got legal permanent custody of him BEFORE we were finished suing CPS for listening to Laura McNish's and Dean Dalinghaus's lies? Someone obviously found SOMETHING about that whole situation to be "joke", but it would seem that it wasn't my husband or me! Can you have the same legal challenges, yet adopt? Or would any accusations lobbed at you be centered in truth?

Anonymous said...

Hey Juli, if you want to send me more information, you can email the rest of the page. Your neighbors sound like they live in a vacuum! Did that whole thing with Tony really go to court before you sued? If there was really anything against you that wasn't totally bullshit, you wouldn't even have been able to get that matter into court. You know that, don't you?


Anonymous said...

I thought so. Thanx, Andy.