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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Frankfort Kansas Doesn't Like Operation Found Safe

This list was shared on the Facebook page for Operation Found Safe, which is an organization whose mission is to educate and train communities to prevent such tragedies as missing and exploited children. The list was too big for the sidebar, so it will have to be a post. 

Some information that may clear up some misunderstandings on the parts of certain local trolls on this site is the fact that after my fourteen year old daughter was "lost" by Tom Schroeder, guidance counselor of Frankfort High in Kansas, the effort to sweep the whole incident under the rug and remain in denial actually included refusing the help of this organization! My husband and I contacted multiple organizations that address child safety and missing children, and presented their dossiers and contact information to the school board of USD 380, and the result was total apathy on the part of USD 380. And yes, trolls, I have all the information and exchanged letters, which we took to a school board meeting and presented. Frankfort simply isn't interested in child safety. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. The school board there should pay attention to you. Why didn't you sue them when it happened? Costing them money is probably the only way to force them to listen to you, and to have a safe place to send your children to school.

Juli Henry said...

Initially, all I wanted was positive change and a safe school. Had I realized that lawsuits are the only language these people listen to, I would have sued them and removed my children from their school immediately.

Julie Smith-Cunningham said...

Operation Found Safe is an organization whose mission is to educate and train communities on how to protect children from abduction, exploitation and human trafficking by working closely with families and law enforcement by assisting in the search & location of missing children throughout the U.S. so that they can be “Found Safe”. Operation Found Safe is a non-profit organization (pending IRS approval) founded by Julie Smith-Cunningham, along with a group of devoted licensed investigators and many dedicated volunteers that donate their time pro-bono for the sole purpose to successfully and safely locate missing children.

I'm a bit confused as does this have to do with your daughter being missing from October 2009? Operation Found Safe didn't exist until September 2013 & it couldn't have been us that services were refused. I believe your point is that the school board wasn't open to any positive changes & hopefully not meaning anything against Operation Found Safe. The title of this is a bit confusing & shows up in a Google search. We are a newly formed organization & have already helped numerous families & doing our best to build our OFS network nationwide, if there is ever an issue with Operation Found Safe please contact me directly at

Juli Henry said...

I consider myself and my daughter very lucky and blessed that she came back, safe. She found the main highway several hours after she was abandoned, but in order to get home before the next day, (on foot) she was obliged to accept a rise from a stranger. She was very lucky.

Operation Found Safe, and all other organizations my husband and I have contacted over the years have been very nice, and very willing to help this school district address the problems it has with child safety. The school district is very upset with us for even acknowledging a problem and refusing to sweep this under the rug. It is NOT a problem with Operation Found Safe; it is a problem with the school. The school has an attorney who tells the school board that if they listen to an organization devoted to child safety and finding missing children, they admit a problem. The lawyer advises no admission of any problem. The lawyer will not even allow teachers who commit glaring unlawful acts to be terminated.

I hope you are not upset; the message I attempted to convey is about how much I appreciate organizations like yours, and how frustrated I am when school boards and school administrators insist that it is okay to just forget about children for whom they cannot account during class and sporting events.

Thankyou for your comment.

Julie Smith-Cunningham said...

Thank you for clarifying as I’m just probably overly protective of what we are trying to build. I appreciate you believing in Operation Found Safe! Although we are mainly focused on building our nationwide network of private investigators & dedicated volunteers so that we are able to make a difference, we completely agree there is much need in educating… ALL… school officials, law enforcement, everyone… even the children. Knowledge is key… because evil exists everywhere.