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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Banned In Kansas Public Schools

A new neighbor and I had a laugh the other day about Frankfort High School and it's ban of my site at their school. Frankfort High allows Facebook, a few porn sites, violent video games, and all other blogs on their computers, but not mine. Frankfort also allows convicted felons who are not employed at the school, and who have no children attending the school, to simply "hang around" in the building during the day, but the reading of Siri's World And The Dissenting Opinion is strictly banned!

This is actually pretty funny. Also, to anyone who wants a bunch of teenagers to do something, the best way to gain their cooperation is to forbid it. Seriously. But my site has no porn, and most of the slang the reader will encounter here is guff from a troll named Melissa Kennedy, who teaches at Frankfort! I also do not support the use of illegal drugs or any type of criminal behavior, I do not violate copyrights, threaten, or abuse any other law, so what makes my site so dangerous? Remember, Dean Dalinghaus, principal of Frankfort Experiment, actually told a parent that he deliberately omitted as much teaching about the Constitution as possible, because when children learn about it, running a school "becomes harder". Deanis Dalinghaus may be qualified to lead lemmings over a cliff, but he is not qualified to administrate a school. My children do not attend his sorry excuse for a public school any longer.

Something that does bother me is the message that was sent to my six children, about me, concerning respect. Frankfort School, by banning my site, while allowing all kinds of messages and input from other parents, basically told my children that they feel that I do not deserve respect. Why is Frankfort so threatened by any discussion of what goes on in the world outside of Frankfort, especially in schools? Schools where music teachers do not boff their students and get them knocked up. Schools that do not allow convicted felons awaiting space in federal prison to wander about the campus. Schools that employ teachers who do not abandon students four miles away from school and just forget about them. School that do not continue the employ of teachers who tell veterans that they "do not give two shits about the flag" (quote belongs to Melissa Kennedy) when they disagree about the candidate the veteran supports in an election. If Frankfort High School was actually so terribly threatened because of this site, simply banning all social media would have been more discreet. It would have protected my children from that lovely Christian hatred they seem to run into all over Kansas and would have certainly made it easier for them to concentrate on studies instead of cliques and local politics. But then, Frankfort High School isn't really interested in studies, or in protecting children. Frankfort High School in only interested in ways to express racism, prejudism, ignorance, ethnocentrism, and stupidity. They also favor lies and dishonesty. Open attempts to teach any child to disrespect parents is actually against the cause of education. Frankfort High School really should be shut down, consolidated with other public schools, and forgotten about.

Another sillyassed bunch of people who feel threatened by education and intelligence is attempting to ban Neil Degrasse Tyson's contributions to PBS in the entire state of Oklahoma. School officials in Saddlebridge, Oklahoma do not want any students watching Neil Degrasse Tyson's "Cosmos". It contains new theories and new knowledge, combined with old fashioned math and common sense, that apparently scares these teachers. So what's the best plan of action? Ban the knowledge, of course. That way, no student will ask a question that cannot be answered at school.

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Note: Before this site was "banned" in Frankfort Experiment, yours truly received large numbers of emails and comments directed to this site from teachers in Frankfort, Kansas. You can read some of them here. Be warned, however; that the comments reproduced and shared are unaltered, and contain all of the foul language that originated in the minds of the senders. If protection from the legal consequences of their own actions generated the banning of this site in Frankfort High School, despite the open recognition of first amendment rights of KKK supporters, Westboro Baptist Church and their ilk, pornography creators, and bible thumpers, perhaps Mrs. Rottinghaus could have simply stated that she was protecting the school from a lawsuit that might result from teachers harassing innocent parents, such as yours truly. No need to demonize someone who does not endanger children and use computers to make threats. Why do Frankfort teachers use computers to spread anger and hate, anyway?  Along with deliberately leaving children alone during school hours in places and situations where they are vulnerable and have no defense or resources in the event of medical or situational emergency, Frankfort teachers threaten and abuse parents who ask for safe schools! USD 380 in Kansas is not a very good school. Maybe colleges will begin to think twice before accepting it's students.

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Juli Henry said...

Deanna, I finally found out how porn was being viewed at school: it was video games!