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Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25 Is National Missing Childrens' Day

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared May 25 National Missing Childrens' Day, to remind everyone that Etan Patz, who disappeared en route from his home to the school bus in New York, had not been found after disappearing in 1979. There are many unresolved missing persons cases involving children, and before Etan Patz's case, no one wanted to give these cases much publicity or notice. It was all too easy to pretend these things never happen, and that most American neighborhoods are "safe". Even today, it is often a formidable task to convince our media to air stories about missing children or keep their pictures in circulation until they are found.

The husband of a Kansas congresswoman even stated, after a child was abandoned by a teacher, four miles away from school, in Frankfort Kansas during a school activity, that it was a "good thing" that the child was left in a rural area, and not in her native Washington DC. His reasoning was that "those things don't happen in the country". The child's mother informed him that in Washington DC, there are cameras, eyewitnesses who care more about missing children than the pensions of dumbass teachers who "lose" them, and cell phone signals. In Northeast Kansas, a missing child cannot depend on those things. Also, the child's mother asked the husband of her representative if he had heard of more bodies being dumped in plain sight in urban areas post mortem, or "in the country", where evidence is harder to find?


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Frankfort and myself and my parents didn't attend church. Nobody treated me or my parents any different than anyone else. Sounds like you're trying to blow smoke up somebody's ass to me.

Juli Henry said...

>>>>>>>sigh<<<<<<< In just what way would I be blowing smoke up someone's ass? May 25 really IS National Missing Childrens' Day, Ronald Reagan (R) really DID enact it, Tom Schroeder really "lost" one of my kids, Frankfort truly didn't give a rip whether she was found or not, Melissa Kennedy continues to yap with almost everyone who knows me personally, including but not limited to my kids, about how she thinks I'm a "welfare queen" because I took my husband to the VA when he got sick, (he fought for YOUR freedoms, rights, and citizenship during a war....not that she cares about veterans....) and the teachers at what these people call a school keep harping on us for every reason they can pull out of their cellulite covered pasty-looking asses. Currently, they are pissed because they tried to get us in dutch with CPS, but we adopted a child anyway! And we are the first people in Frankfort to do a thing like that! Ha!

What's that got to do with religion? I don't know, but I've been told it all started because I got the ACLU to ask Dalinghaus nicely if he would stop encouraging my kids to convert to his dogshit religion.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the comment that was made with the picture of Tom Schroeder and U.S.D 380 treating people different because they don't attend a local christian church. You are not the first people in Frankfort to adopt a child dip dong.

Juli Henry said...

Good grief. I guess you DID grow here! You probably attended Frankfort, too. Go learn some comprehension skills!

Yes we ARE the first people in Frankfort to adopt a child with CPS breathing down our necks. Of course, the judge, from all appearances, thought our accusers were full of shit, and rendered her decision accordingly. We are also the only people in Frankfort to sue CPS and win! When the folks who work at the school violate FERPA and talk about us behind our backs, as good Christians always do, do they mention that we sued CPS and won? Probably not. But hey, it happened!

I didn't initially think there were people who are stupid enough to act like some of the teachers at Frankfort until I ran into a problem that was serious enough for the ACLU to get involved. A certain Methodist minister told me that everyone was angry with me because they didn't like being told to leave "their beliefs" out of school. Too bad, I say. That's the law. But; that's the reason I think people are so all-out nasty. As for abandoning a child and recklessly endangering her, then blaming HER, instead of the creep who did it.....that's classic abuse. I still don't know why he was never arrested and charged, and neither does the NCMEC, and quite a few other organizations. I guess the county attorney really doesn't care about the safety of Marshall County children, huh? She seizes upon that which isn't real, but which she thinks will further her agenda and career, but she ignores abuse that is real. If she puts little Tommy Schroeder in jail where he belongs for his crime against my daughter, his mommy and daddy will cry and stop supporting whatever politicians they support. If it wasn't a form of harassment, then it was done for a much more sinister purpose.