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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kansas Gives Teacher Permission To Assault

According to Eyewitness News 12, a Kansas teacher and foster parent named Noble Rick Pendland was charged with sex crimes against three children, but the court accepted pleas to assault on the three charges, instead. His name does not appear in the sex offender registry, or even the violent offender registry. Each sentence is six months, eighteen months in total; and because he was held for over eighteen months in lieu of bond, his sentence was time served. He is no longer allowed to serve as a foster parent or a teacher, though. 

How backwards can Kansas possibly be? Pendland should at least be required to register in the violent offender registry, so that parents have access to his dossier when he teaches Sunday School or decides to become a priest! And telling him not to teach is useless because he does not need a teaching license to work as a para. He will probably move to Marshall County Kansas and find employment immediately at Frankfort! 

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