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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chad Taylor Thinks Kansas Wants Blood

Whoa! Not only has Chad Taylor forced this blogger to assist the senile and Republican Pat Roberts in another meaningless victory in the Kansas senate, he even makes incriminating statements about his career path while doing so! A recent poll about the upcoming senate race showed Chad Taylor leading incumbent Pat Roberts by five percentage points. About this, Taylor was heard to say, "This poll simply confirms what we're hearing as we visit with real Kansans throughout the state -- they are ready for new blood!" WIBW News

Blood? After the way he has managed the job of District Attorney, that's a very strange word for Chad Taylor to use publicly. His job performance in Topeka has been controversial, and there have been complaints, including outcry over his 2011 announcement that because of a budget cut, his office would no longer prosecute domestic violence. He was forced, by popular opinion, to change his mind. It seems that the people of Topeka Kansas were not ready for domestic violence to become legal again.

Something Kansans should think about, now that our Democrat candidate for the senate has made mention of "blood" is the place of children, particularly children of middle class parents. Along with the rest of the nation, Kansas has experienced more cases of violence against children over the past decade. Chad Taylor's attempted stance on domestic violence was disturbing enough, but it seems that only some children, primarily the children of the upper middle class and richer, are worth any of his precious time or prosecution dollars. There's a very strong chance that Chad Taylor's assumption that voting Kansans feel the same way he does about middle class children is wrong. Most Kansans care about children. If the media in Kansas gave better coverage to cases about children who die needlessly, Chad Taylor would have been forced to answer for his lack of attention to some of their cases, just as he was called out on his refusal to prosecute domestic violence cases. There is still one question Mr. Taylor has not answered: what about Caleb Stewart? Caleb died in February of 2013 at a daycare in Topeka while his parents were at work. His family is still waiting for answers and justice. Blood is a very incriminating sound bite for the senate hopeful.

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