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In An Age Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act.......George Orwell

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Put Information To Good Use

While the media has been attempting to keep the masses focused on Hobby Lobby and it's barely useful employee insurance package, (seriously; Hobby Lobby is certainly NOT the only employer out there who rips off workers via benefits) there are elections coming up later this year. Every legislative session seems to feature either subtle or blatant challenges to the fourth amendment, putting down SOPA was, sadly, not good enough for everyone; and we still have a government that isn't interested in the upholding of the Constitution. But what about the information that is available about those running for public office? Shouldn't that information be shared and discussed publicly? After all, those who hold elected positions are merely civil servants, and their lives actually SHOULD be open books. Instead of hyper-focus on some dumbass Christians who want their employees to take as much maternity leave as possible, (isn't that what happens without contraceptives?) lets put the spotlight on all of our politicians who are planning to run for public office this fall. As for sharing information about their personal lives, remember how deeply they care, OR NOT, about the privacy of all the rest of us!

Snagged from Facebook.....seemed apropos. 

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