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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Private Message

Rather than destroy your long standing relationships and associations within our community, wouldn't it be better to simply establish the legal rights to your intellectual property and invoke those rights when someone violates them? Once the persons in question see and realize that you are not playing games, your problems with said persons are likely to stop. Quite a few of your friends, and even some of mine, have decided, over the past few months, that your angry and ongoing reactions after you experience professional problems connected to theft and theft of intellectual property are spilling over into other aspects of life, inasmuch as it includes you, and have decided to stop interacting with you. That is a shame, because when these things are not going on in your professional life, you are a very nice person. That is all I have ever said about you to anyone, when asked. Nothing else; except that as clergy, we owe you a certain amount of respect, and you generally are knowledgeable about the subject matter of your written works and lectures. When you are not, you have always sought the input of those who are. That makes it a shame when it is made so difficult for so many to look beyond your anger and irrational defensiveness for so long.

I've been friends with you long enough to know that you are truly more mature. It would be much better to simply copyright your intellectual property, file the appropriate complaints when the copyrights are violated, and move on.

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