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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Unexplored Anonymous Tip In Kendrick Johnson's Death

Now that the investigation into Kendrick Johnson's untimely death has been closed, and Lowndes County sheriff, Stryde Jones, is insisting that some anonymous testimony that was sent to his office via email is "not credible", Kendrick's parents have filed suit against the Lowndes County Board Of Education in Georgia for wrongful death. This is appropriate, although it would have been more appropriate to conduct a thorough investigation. The tip was anonymous, but that does not mean that probable cause for searches, more interviews, and analysis of DNA and fingerprint evidence does not exist. In fact, this death is speculated to be the result of a white assailant against Kendrick, who was black. We all know that if it was the other way around, the sheriff and the court would have conducted a real investigation and answers would have resulted.

Here is a question about Stryde Jones and his statement that the anonymous tip "isn't credible": just how the hell does Stryde KNOW the tip isn't credible? How does he KNOW that he does not have to pursue this tip, the same way other law enforcement agencies pursue tips? There really is only one way this sheriff would know these things, and that is if he already knows who killed Kendrick Johnson. Which begs the question, who is Sheriff Stryde Jones, of Lowndes County Georgia, protecting?

More on this in a day or two.

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