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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kansas And Nebraska Defend Racism

Parade Float; picture courtesy of WIBW Topeka

A Fourth Of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska celebrated by mocking President Obama by making a float that suggested that Obama is not as well read as the average, bovine, Midwestern Caucasian. This is simply hilarious. President Obama is a constitution lawyer, and most of the parade attendees, including those who created the float, probably do not even read at a sixth grade level. Their defense of the public racist statement? "It's obvious that the majority of the community liked it," said Rick Konapasek, one of the parade's organizers, according to WIBW.

So, if all this guff from the nonsensical parade organizer is interpreted correctly, it appears that we have a segment of the population here in America that does not understand that the "majority" only rules during a popular election. The "majority" does not have the authority, or the right, to override the law. The principal of the public school in Frankfort made that mistake when telling a parent that he could teach and preach christianity at the PUBLIC school because the "majority" of people in Frankfort are christians, and didn't mind if federal law was violated at Frankfort School. The ACLU was quick to point out to the principal that this is incorrect; it is unlawful to violate the the law, no matter how many crooked frankfurters appear to be in favor of it. While a parade float is not quite the same thing, promotion of racism and unlawful discrimination is not only backwards, rude, and stupid; but a terrible example for children.

A lot of pink and fluffy Midwesterners apparently don't remember "white's only" signs on businesses, or race riots, or demonstrations and marches, or glass ceilings, (we still have those) or Brown v. the Board of Education in Topeka, or all of the violence connected to enforcing Brown v. the Board of Education in Topeka. Quite a few of the pink and fluffy crowd are not even aware that a woman could not obtain credit to buy a home without a male co-signer until 1974. Or that children could be bullied by teachers in school for religious reasons until 1963. How far behind do these ignorant neo-nazi types want to slide? The "majority" supported these forms of discrimination until challenges were issued, and the Supreme Court established what is already guaranteed by our Constitution. Something the Midwest, Nebraska and Kansas in particular, very much need to learn is that when something becomes law, especially federal law, it is not optional. The "majority" in a white, church-going community do not have the right to discriminate against those perceived as somehow not conforming to the preferred pink and fluffy mode of existence so favored by their adipose tissue. Another word for "majority" is Bolshevik, and from the way Christianity is practiced in Northeast Kansas, that appears to sum up the goal of christian churches in the Midwest, and the interest those churches have in schools and public parades. Yuk.

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