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Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Case You Skipped Church This Sunday

Contrary to what I was told by the priest of Annunciation Catholic Church, in Frankfort, Kansas; bad people are sometimes told to leave church and not come back. In fact, Pope Francis is kicking out the Mafia. I'm impressed. The priest in Frankfort told me that the high school guidance counselor who recklessly endangered a child by abandoning her four miles south of school "just made a mistake", and "should be forgiven"; and that the principal, a member of his congregation, is "a good man" even though he blamed an autistic child for an incident in which the autistic child was assaulted and battered by several older and bigger boys. This administrator was actually going to punish the autistic child, until his guardian, yours truly, made him aware of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Well and good, but what about the creepy church and it's carte blanche handed to it's members to harm and bully others any time they please, both locally and globally? After all, an autistic child certainly doesn't matter to any of the Gods, does he? The reverend and the principal might be surprised. Apparently, the padre was wrong when he told me that violent, rotten people should be free to go to church every Sunday and convince the rest of the community that they are good people.

It has never been easy for me to co-exist with the social girls and boys club called "Christianity", but now that I have actually heard a fucking priest call the school principal who lies and discriminates against autistic and disabled children a "good man", I have seriously not wanted anything to do with christians. Now, at least I know that the Pope does not agree with the notion that God loves enabling criminals and grants them assistance in harming their victims. Not that I will ever feel that I can safely allow my children to mingle with anyone who attends his isn't safe...but at least I know the local priest is playing politics, and doesn't really care about morals.

As an encore, Reverend Sullivan told the victim of a hate crime that she was at fault for the actions of her assailant.

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