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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Kansas Customer Makes Retail Headlines

I forgot all about this! An Abilene, Kansas man happened to be in Washington on July 8, when Top Shelf, a store in Bellingham, opened and sold the first bag of recreational marijuana retailed there since 1937. It was heralded as the very first weed to be retailed in the state of Washington, but that seems unlikely, since the federal prohibition laws against it have only been in effect since 1937. The man's name is Cale Holdsworth, and since he only bought two grams, his purchase probably did not survive the trip back to Kansas! It's nice to see Kansas in the news for something other than Kris Kobach's latest legislative lunacies or Westboro Baptist Church's shenanigans.

* No, I do not support recreational drug use, so don't be running to your mama or your local pharmacist crying that I do. I simply prefer to see your tax dollars and mine spent on something besides the prosecution of victimless crimes.

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